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What Is A Periodontal Abscess?

Posted on 7/20/2016 by Implant & Periodontal Associates NW
An elderly woman receiving a treatment for her periodontal abscess.Abscess can sound like a scary term, thoughts of large growths are often associated, but an abscess can be larger or small. You may have spotted something that resembles a pimple below or above your teeth on your gum tissue.

Periodontal abscesses are caused by an infection that is raging in the space between your tooth and gum.

The tissue became infected after food became trapped between the gum and tooth. In patients suffering with severe periodontal disease, bacteria can build up under the gum, causing infection and problems with the bone.

An abscess is your body's response to infection. Your body creates an abscess to serve as a guard to protect your body from infection traveling to other areas. If you spot an abscess, it is an indication that bacteria is present, and that your body set up a defense to protect itself.

What should I do if I spot an abscess?

In most situations, patients are aware of an abscess because they are painful. While in pain, we are more likely to seek medical treatment. Sometimes the abscess causes very little or even no pain, and then the patient chooses to ignore the situation assuming it will heal and go away. Infection in your gums will not go away.

If an abscess is not treated, your infection can continue to rage for months or even years, and during this time, it can cause damage to other areas of your teeth or bone. The infection will not go away on its own, it is important to not ignore the symptoms and to seek advice from your dentist or periodontist.

Infection that is not treated, can continue to the point of causing damage to the surrounding teeth and bone. Draining an abscess through releasing the pressure by bursting the abscess through a fistula will reduce the pain, however, the infection is still present and needs to be treated.

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