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What Normal Dental Cleanings Miss

Posted on 8/27/2016 by Implant & Periodontal Associates NW
An elderly woman about to receive a dental cleaning.When you go to see your dentists for a regular cleaning and examination you will receive an excellent cleaning of your teeth. They will take note of your general dental health and let you know about any issues that may be of concern.

If you have issues with your gums like periodontal disease, they will probably suggest that you see a periodontist for a scaling and root planing.

To some, this can sound like a big, scary procedure - fear not! Think of scaling and root planing as a professional dental cleaning for your gums.

Why We Do It
When your receive professional dental cleanings, the vast majority of what your dentist does is done to remove plaque and tartar from the crown of the teeth. When, you suffer from periodontal disease, that plaque and tartar extends below the gum line onto the roots of the teeth. Gums typically sit against the surface of the root and when plaque and tartar builds up there, it irritates the gums quite a bit.

Not only is it irritating to the gums, it provides a direct path for bacteria to enter the blood stream thereby infecting the gums. When we scale and plane the roots of your teeth, we are simply removing the bacterial buildup and ensuring that the surface of the root is smooth.

The Process
We remove the tartar from your tooth in much the same way you are probably used to your dentist removing it, with an ultrasonic scaler. The ultrasonic scaler uses ultrasonic vibrations to produce tiny air bubbles that break apart the cement-like tartar structures. A very thorough job must be done to ensure that all the offending tartar is removed.

Gum Health

Normal brushing and flossing, as well as regular trips to your dentist and to our office, are essential in the fight to keep your teeth clean and your smile intact. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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