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The Impact of Dentures on Your Gums

Posted on 8/25/2017 by Implant & Periodontal Associates NW
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When you lose all of a single arch, or all of your natural teeth, one of the least expensive options is dentures. However, dentures are not what your mouth is used to. They are created from a hard plastic resin, which can be really rough on your gums.

Plus, since they are plastic, they can slip around in your mouth and cause soreness and even lesions, especially when you are first getting used to them. If you are about to get dentures, or recently did, then it is important that you know what impact dentures can have on your gums.

What to Expect with Your Gums and Dentures

When you first get dentures, expect that they are going to feel awkward. They are going to rest on your gums, and this process may be a bit irritating. The top dentures will suction to your upper jaw more effectively than the lower dentures, so be prepared for the lower dentures to slip and slide around a bit.

This will likely cause some sores on your gums. If that happens, rinse your mouth out with salt water with your dentures out, and do so as often as necessary for a day or two until the sore goes away.

Your gums could also recede when wearing dentures. The longer you have dentures, the more likely this is to happen. Your jaw needs pressure from chewing to stay strong, and dentures do not apply the same kind of pressure. This means your jaw will deteriorate, causing your gum tissue to shrink down and recede.

For more information on what struggles your mouth may go through with dentures, talk to your periodontist. They specialize in gum care, and can help you care for your gums and keep them healthy, even if you are wearing dentures.

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