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Explaining Pocket Reduction Surgery to a Patient

Posted on 11/23/2017 by Implant & Periodontal Associates NW
Pocket Reduction Surgery Implant & Periodontal Associates NW in Kenmore WA 98028-9404
In a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was revealed that 50% of American adults aged 30 and above suffer from periodontal disease, a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the gum tissue as well as the bone supporting the teeth.

Periodontal disease results in the formation of pockets between the tooth and gum. Once formed, these pockets can collect plaque that can later lead to tooth loss. To address this issue, pocket reduction surgery may be needed.

Basic Facts About Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket reduction surgery is a term used to describe a series of different surgeries that will allow the removal of tartar and bacteria deep below the gum line. It also reduces pocket depth so that tooth loss can be prevented.

Apart from reducing and controlling the spread of oral bacteria, pocket reduction surgery also aims to prevent bone loss and further risk of periodontal infections. Ultimately, when you come to our office and see that you are in need of this type of treatment, we can guarantee that you will not only have your beautiful smile back but we will ensure that you will not lose it anymore.

Note that we conduct a thorough assessment of the condition of your teeth, gums, and underlying bone by looking at x-ray results and careful oral examination before we can recommend and proceed with this type of treatment.

During the process, you can expect to be under local or general anesthesia so you wouldn't feel pain. The procedure involves separating the gums from the tooth (flap surgery) so that tartar and bacteria can be removed thoroughly.

A substance that will help the ligaments and gums reattach will also be applied afterwards. It ends by sewing shut the gum flap in a way that will reduce pocket depth. The stitches may dissolve or be removed after 5 to 10 days.

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