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How to Reduce Swelling Following Scaling and Root Planing.

Posted on 3/10/2018 by Implant & Periodontal Associates NW
Scaling and Root Planing Implant & Periodontal Associates NW in Kenmore WA 98028-9404When the procedure is done, you might have a little bit of pain near your teeth for various amounts of days and you will also be more sensitive to hot and cold foods or drinks and maybe sugars, for approximately six weeks.

All of this is totally normal. You will see a change for the better in sensitivity within a couple of weeks. Here are some things you can do to at home to help lower your tooth sensitivity and speed up the healing process after scaling and root planing.

What to Do After Scaling and Root Planing

Intensive brushing every day with an ultra-soft toothbrush and please be sure to floss afterwards. There are so many toothbrushes and toothpastes out there now that you can buy that it will help with removing plaque from your teeth and to reduce sensitivity.

You can also rinse three times a day for the next week with lukewarm salt water to help the healing and lower inflammation. You need to soft foods like mashed potatoes, Jell-O, bananas, white bread, well cooked fish, and eggs.

You don't eat any small hard foods, like potato chips, any kind of nuts, hard taco shells, or seeds. They can get caught under your gums. After a few days you will start to feel more comfortable with chewing to where you can start eating normally again.

Also, please do not smoke or use any kind of tobacco for at least 72 hours after your scaling and root planing procedure. Tobacco upsets the gum tissue and will decrease healing time, and also increasing your chances for future complications.

Using Fluoride Gel Can Reduce Tooth Sensitivity Afterwards, Too

We may recommend other things for your teeth to make it more comfortable for the remainder of the healing process. So please don't hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have! We're always here to help you with whatever we can.

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