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Bone Grafting - Kenmore, WA

Periodontal Treatment
When gum tissue becomes severely infected, treatment usually involves removing the damaged pockets and recontouring the uneven bone tissue to discourage new bacteria from forming, and help gum tissue adhere.

Although this is still an effective way of treating gum disease, we at Implant & Periodontal Associates NW in Kenmore in Kenmore, WA perform procedures that actually regenerate lost gum and bone tissue. Guided tissue regeneration can stabilize weak areas and also help provide a foundation for the placement of dental implants.

After pockets have been removed and bacteria eliminated, we insert barrier membranes over the areas where tissue needs to be restored. The membrane encourages the growth of new bone tissue. Depending on the type of membrane used, it will either be removed at a later date or will be absorbed by the body. Guided tissue regeneration is generally performed in conjunction with other procedures.

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