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PreViser Periodontal Risk Calculator

Our doctors have teamed with the PreViser Company of Mount Vernon, Washington, which has developed and scientifically validated their Periodontal RiskCalculator™.

This software can give us almost instantaneous information about periodontal conditions that was previously unobtainable, and can aid us in making better decisions about care.

Quantifying Periodontal Disease

PreViser allows us to quantify periodontal disease using a numeric score, which is much more specific than just using the terms gingivitis or periodontitis. This score lets us more closely monitor health or disease state.


Healthy Gingivitis Early Periodontitis Moderate Periodontitis Severe Periodontitis
1 2-3 4-10 11-36 37+

Risk Assessment

The software also assigns a numeric score to future periodontal risk to better define the probability of a patient developing periodontal disease or experiencing continued periodontal breakdown in the future. The risk score will help us decide how aggressive our treatment should be, as well as identify factors that will need to be managed to lower risk.


1 2 3 4 5
Very Low Risk Low Risk Moderate Risk High Risk Very High Risk
<10% 30% 50% 70% >80%

Trend Analysis

We typically perform PreViser risk assessments on an ongoing basis, which allows us to compare scores and determine trends in risk and disease state. This trend analysis lets us analyze the effect of treatment on risk and disease scores. Improvement, stability, or deterioration will be easily seen, so future treatment actions can be planned.

Risk Factor Analysis

This area of the report describes areas of elevated risk for periodontal disease. If risk factors can be controlled, the chances of future deterioration can be diminished or eliminated.

Treatment Options

The active intervention treatment option portion of the report recommends the most effective treatment for specific conditions. Treatment recommendations will be specific to each risk factor.

Recommended treatment is rated on a scale that ranges from "generally most effective," to "may be effective," or "less likely to be effective." In the near future, specific percentage of efficacy scores will be available. The treatment options section aids us in determining the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient.

We use the PreViser system at initial exams, re-evaluations, post-surgical evaluations, and periodontal maintenance appointments. Because it makes it easier to clarify and communicate risk for future disease progression, disease status, risk factors of concern, and evidence based treatment recommendations, it greatly enhances our ability to provide the most advanced treatment available.
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