A CBCT or (cone-beam computed tomography) is used by our doctors to gain a 3 dimensional view of your jaw. The CBCT is quickly becoming the gold standard in implant therapy as it allows a more comprehensive view of the patient’s hard and soft tissues. With more information, our doctors are able to plan your procedure in advance utilizing this technology to ensure maximum precision and safety during your implant appointment.

The CBCT shows our doctors the amount of both horizontal and vertical bone in a missing tooth site.

If any additional procedures are required prior to placement of your implant in the ideal location, we can let you know in advance. The CBCT also shows locations of large nerves and other important anatomy; this information lets you rest easy knowing that our doctors have all the information they need to plan a safe and efficient procedure for you. CBCT’s can also be utilized outside of implant treatment including (but not limited to) planning wisdom tooth extractions, screening for bony pathology, and looking for evidence of fractures and other tooth problems. It is important to note, that because a CBCT gives a large overview and does not have fine definition, it is not an alternative for regular dental x-rays when looking for cavities or generalized bone loss from periodontal disease.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a CT Scan important?
Since dental implants are placed in the jaw bone, it is important for our doctors to know the amount of bone in the area, important anatomical landmarks like nerves and roots, and to give you the highest quality of care by planning the procedure prior to your surgical appointment.
What about radiation?
Localized dental CT scans are much lower radiation than a traditional medical scan and can be compared to 1-3 weeks of normal background radiation.
Does it cost more?
Ct scans are quickly becoming the standard of care in implant placement and while many offices charge for them, our doctors feel it is an integral part of your surgical plan and we therefore offer this service at no additional cost to our patients.

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