LANAP® Therapy

We were proud to be the first perio office in Washington to perform LANAP (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure) to treat teeth and implants with bone loss. This procedure is non-invasive, incision and suture-free, and is completed by locally numbing the teeth involved.

Extensive research has been done demonstrating laser technology and stimulation of bone and tissue. The laser encourages your body to grow more bone and tissue cells making the tooth, or implant, stronger and more likely to recover from the disease that caused the initial bone loss.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I feel after the laser surgery?
You can expect only minor discomfort the night of the procedure. We will prescribe you antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to help you heal.
Does insurance cover it?
It may depending on your plan! Our financial and insurance expert is happy to help you navigate the details of your plan.
What results can I expect from the laser?
Prior to laser therapy the only way to get regeneration (re-growth of bone) was through a surgical process. Laser therapy let’s us avoid surgery and accomplish regeneration in many cases, though not every case is a candidate for laser therapy. Schedule an appointment with us today to find out if laser is right for you and your oral health needs.

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