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Performing live guided surgical implant procedures on our patients allows for us to deliver the highest quality of care. Through taking a CT scan (3 dimensional image) of your jaw, we are able to visualize all nearby anatomy and ensure the most accurate and safest surgical implant placement.

We are now able to use this 3D technology to view the progression of the implant placement mid-surgery to ensure precision at its finest! Just another way we are committed to delivering the very best care to you, our patients!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is implant precision important?
Implant success and longevity is partially dependent on ideal position and angulation of the implant post placed in the jaw bone. This technology allows our doctors to go from good to great in challenging cases and ensures you are receiving the highest quality care.
What about radiation?
Localized dental CT scans are much lower radiation than a traditional medical scan and can be compared to 1-3 weeks of normal background radiation.
Are there additional costs?
No, if our doctors think your cases is a good candidate for Live Dynamic Navigation we will include this technology in your treatment at no additional cost.

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