Dental Insurance

Here at IPANW we want you to feel comfortable and confident about all aspects of your treatment including the financial side. Our insurance specialist goes above and beyond to help you navigate your insurance plan to maximize benefits, assist patients in applying for CareCredit, or set up payment plans when needed. Our coordinator is well versed in a variety of plans and has years of experience in managing the often confusing language and details of many insurance plans.

We are a Premier Provider for Delta Dental. If your insurance plan is through another company, we can still file a claim on your behalf and assist you in determining your coverage.

Important Insurance and Financial Points:

  • We are not preferred providers for all insurance companies; however, we can still submit a claim for you.
  • You may receive a financial estimate at your initial appointment. These estimates can change depending on your insurance coverage, maximums, or unforeseen changes in treatment.
  • Some insurance companies change their offered benefits, charge co-pays, and alter deductibles throughout the year without notifying us.
  • Insurance companies do not give us final fee estimates until treatment is complete and payments can take 45-90 days to reach us.
  • If your insurance company does not pay after they have given an estimate for treatment the remaining balance is your responsibility.
  • Dental offices are considered a third party to your insurance and have no control over what your plan covers.
  • We will do our best to help you navigate your insurance, but remember your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier.

Dental Insurance- How You Can Help Us Maximize Your Benefits:

  • Please provide all requested insurance information on your new patient form so we can begin the process of contacting your insurance company.
  • Make sure your insurance is current!
  • We do not routinely send pre-authorizations as insurance companies can take months to respond. If you would like this done for your estimate please request it.
  • If your claim is denied or disputed we are here to help you negotiate with your insurance provider and will assist with any supporting documentation required.

No Dental Insurance- What Are My Options:

  • We routinely help patients without insurance make their treatment needs possible. Just ask us about ways to make your payments affordable.
  • CareCredit is a healthcare financing option often available with no interest. We are happy to explain this service for you and assist you in applying.